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Private SECTOR.

according to the Katar Consulting Purpose 2020:


  • 90% of millennials are switching to brands with a social cause.

  • 88% are loyal to businesses that support environmental and social causes. 

  • 71% of customers will promote a business with purpose. 

  • The value of brands with a purpose increases by 175%.


These numbers are essential, but at Estudio-B as brand strategists, we focus on intangibles such as increasing the value of your brand. For causes and initiatives, it means elevating and stirring the conversation in the mind of relevant actors to attain the social change we need.  


At Estudio-B we believe that regardless of the impressive numbers and the heyday of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) businesses should be authentic and credible. Therefore, the causes they champion and their purpose must be aligned with their core values and vision to create a combined action that benefits both business and society at large.  

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